Santa and Soup

I once stood on the second floor of a mall and watched the line below me as the sounds of laughter and crying filled the air. They lined up to see Santa, full excitement to realize having to sit on a stranger’s lap is scary. All that time waiting in line, listening to the kids around you and there’s no guarantee you will walk away with a nice photo. And you know what the sad part is? The parents have to pay for this!

So this year, I got an email from my vet saying they will bring in a Santa Claus to have photos with the dogs. My initial thought: OMG! People do this with dogs? How crazy…

Then I read the words, “free photos” and thought it was worth a try.

It was by far the most efficient process I witnessed. There was no line, although other dogs were there, as they designated different areas for each dog to wait. The photographer knew how to get dogs’ attention quickly and moved them to the waiting area. In the waiting area was biscuits for the dogs and m&m cookies and hot chocolate for the humans. And disposable to go cups!!! They gave us our printed pictures before we were done filling our cup with hot chocolate.

Here’s the final result:


Now we were dressed in sweatpants because it was 10 degrees that day and we walked the 2.5 miles to the vet. 2.5 miles is not worth driving our car down from the 9th floor. And Bolt needed to be walked. So after a weekend of being out in the Chicago cold with its wind chill… we wanted some nice hot soup!

I found a recipe for a Thai Chicken Soup that can be thrown together in a slow cooker. And when you’re busy being out and about shopping and taking in all the outdoor holiday festivities, you become a fan of the slow cooker. It was super easy and we absolutely loved it!

Before: All the ingredients thrown in. I added pineapples and mushrooms to my soup.


Hours later:


And portioned some for a future lunch:


It was quite the weekend. 🙂


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